A Subtly Historic Moment for Men and therefore, Humanity

A strong reason why 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson is so popular with men, young and old, is because it taps into the three purposes of a man as articulated by John Eldredge, one of those being;

A Battle to Fight

What is this battle Peterson discusses? He says part of someone’s purpose is to take responsibility, to accept that life is suffering, and to make order out of chaos.

Another reason 12 Rules for Life is striking a nerve with men is that it strikes at aspects of male initiation, which are discussed in the book Return to Adam. Return to Adam brings to our attention 5 principles of male initiation, 5 truths that need to be accepted by a man to make the transition from boyhood to manhood, one of those truths being Life is Hard.

This truth was given to me first by my friend Bobby who, when he said it, was like a breath of life, truth and power, being sent to me from Heaven, into my essence, a truth I needed to hear and accept.

The reason Jordan B. Person’s book, and why his talks and whatnot are touching the hearts of men is because what he says and writes goes a long ways to initiating the hearts of men into manhood, because he speaks truth, the truths of male initiation that, like when Bobby spoke to me, Peterson is now speaking to men, and those words are life to their souls that no one has spoken to them before.

Males of the YouTube generation, many of whom haven’t been initiated into manhood on a deep level, on a level that communicates that they are ready and capable of handling the battle of life, and winning, are being initiated to at least some extent into manhood by Peterson’s words. He is showing them something to aim for. He is showing them that mansculine power isn’t something to be ashamed of, but to be embraced, developed, honed, and then to be directed towards Logos, at embodying the Logos, the Word of Truth.

This goes towards the New Intersectionality that I will post about soon.

What this means is that millions of men from around the world are being held responsible for their mansculinity, their manhood, and their part in making the world a better place, for bringing some chaos into order as Personson says.

This marks a turning point in history, where millions of children who were destined to grow up without fathers, will now have fathers who take an active role in the lives of their children, who hold women accountable to their greatness, and who become role models in their families and communities.

This subtle and historic moment is a turning point for humanity, a point where it will be marked that evil started being pushed back, defeated, by men doing good, and where many millions of men reclaimed their hearts and became who they were meant to be.


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