The Math of Meta and Quantum

There may be a connection between the mathematical work of mathematician Eric Weinstein, and the quantum theory and writing of Henry Stapp.

Eric Weinstein’s work in mathematics may give language to the quantum mechanics of human agency’s influence or models of reality of the mind, and its’ influence on the brain. Choice. As said by Stapp (2007),

  • “But according to the new conception, the physically described  world is built not out of bits of matter, as matter was understood in the nineteenth century, but out of objective tendencies – potentialities – for certain discrete, whole actual events to occur. Each such even has both a psychological aspect, which is essentially an increment in knowledge, and also a physically described aspect, which is an action that abruptly changes the mathematically described set of potentialities to one that is concordant with the increase in knowledge. This coordination of the aspects of the theory that are described in the physical/mathematical terms with aspects that are described in psychological terms is what makes the theory practically useful. Some empirical predictions have been verified to the incredible accuracy of one part in a hundred million.”

Since there are mathematical descriptions of what lies beyond the quantum sub-strait of the brain in decision making action, there must be a mind from which its’ drawing its’ reality, and since that necessitates a non-material mind from which those realities are drawn, there are dimensions and realities that provide those options, their meta-matter, and the meta-power and meta-structures, and I think the field of mathematics may now, or may be able to articulate those meta-things, giving us scientific, empirical insight into the world and resources beyond matter, beyond space-time, beyond gravity, to the dimension from which particles emerge to exist, and slip out of existence.


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